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How Are Things Going?

This common question becomes loaded when applied to your business. How are things going with your network? Cybersecurity and cloud services? Are you meeting all mandatory compliance regulations? Many moving parts play a role in a successful organization, and they do not remain static. Technology advances. Expectations evolve. And, adjustments are needed. A business assessment can keep you on the right track, or ensure you don’t go down the wrong one. Your PLEXUS IT technology advisor works with you to ensure your company stays on point in relation to your business goals, industry space and today’s current technology environment.

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment

    Our Cloud Services Readiness Assessment will determine if your business has the bandwidth, reliability and security to access cloud services. We review your applications, data and infrastructure and recommend strategies for cloud migration

  • Cybersecurity Assessment

    The Cybersecurity Assessment looks at your most important IT infrastructure, applications, data and procedures and, through risk, policy and device-level reviews, identifies areas that might need improvement or remediation. We take the result of this assessment and define a project plan to resolve any identified exposures. We will then outline ongoing managed IT services that will assure your business remains secure.

  • Wireless Assessment

    A wireless assessment is a holistic view of your system inclusive of specific environmental, architectural and configuration factors. With this information in hand, PLEXUS IT will have a better understanding of how to best guide you in meeting your wireless network business objectives, whether it’s optimizing your current network or exploring best-in-class hardware and services.

  • Compliance Review

    To ensure your organization complies with established standards, we recommend a periodic compliance review since industry standards and regulations change constantly. Even the most well-defended network citadel can be breached by cybercriminals who are constantly inventing new methods of attack.